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The Carter County Junior Livestock Show hosts a county-wide livestock show and premium sale for 4H and FFA members to exhibit their projects. Competitors show sheep, goats, swine and cattle. We strive to give all of our exhibitors an opportunity to compete in a fair and friendly environment. Those exhibitors who place high enough with their projects to be included in the premium auction receive monetary awards for their success. 


As an entirely volunteer run organization, the Carter County Junior Livestock Show requires the support of so many from all communities across the county. Our show is regulated by a Board of Directors which consists of leaders & business owners from throughout the community. The details and organization of entries are handled by species-specific Show Superintendents.


Since its inception in 1937, the show has relied solely on charitable donations in order to fund event overhead and provide adequate prize money for its exhibitors. In 2016, the Saddle & Sirloin Committee was formed for the purpose of bolstering fundraising efforts. To learn more and get involved in the Saddle & Sirloin Committee, click here. 


It is our hope that with the continued support of our generous sponsors, the Carter County Junior Livestock Show will go on to support youth in agriculture for years to come.

Denny Meeks


Fred Chapman IV


Jim Williams


Kari Butler 


Brad Whatley 


Rodney Wharton 

Board Members

Todd Graves


Brent Perkins 


Ryan Jones


Show Superintendents

Cattle - Todd Baughman


Swine - David Leu


Sheep & Goats - Robyn Peterson


2023 Judges

Cattle - Harlan Yochum

Swine - Scott Smith

Sheep & Goats - Leslie Harris

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