Carter County Junior Livestock Show



The purpose of the Ambassador program is to create a team of exemplary young people who work both collectively and individually to increase awareness of the Carter County Junior Livestock Show and its significance through community service and involvement while upholding a positive image. Ambassadors will benefit from the program in the form of leadership development, agricultural advocacy, and communication skills.


Applicants must be in 9th through 12th grade, exhibiting livestock at the Carter County Junior Livestock Show, and must be in good standing with their school. 


Those that are chosen as Ambassadors will be expected to show integrity, respect and positive morale as they are a direct representation of the CCJLS. 

The Ambassador team will have various duties, including but not limited to: community service (such as ringing the Salvation Army bell during the holidays), promotion of fundraising (such as approaching potential sponsors for the Boots & Bowties Ball), promotion of the show (such as putting together a presentation for Rotary Club), participation in a video for the Boots & Bowties Ball, setting up for the Boots & Bowties Ball, media training with The Noble Foundation, handing out ribbons at the show (when not showing), etc. We understand that schedules are busy and each Ambassador may not be able to attend each event. Each activity will be assigned a point value. There will be at least 20 point opportunities. As other activities come up, there may be more opportunities to accumulate points. Each Ambassador is expected to collect at least 15 points throughout the year. You may collect points beyond the 15; the Ambassador with the most points at the conclusion of the show will be recognized as the High Point Ambassador.


  1. Download the fillable PDF application. 

  2. Fill out application. Note: There are character limits on each of the essay questions that will not allow you to exceed 2500 characters

  3. Save application and email to

Applications are due October 1, 2019. 

We would prefer to have applications submitted electronically. If circumstances don't allow for electronic submission, applications may be printed out and submitted to your ag teacher or 4H leader. 


Download the PDF application and submit via email to