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PEDv Updates

UPDATED SWine show schedule for March 3

7:00-9:00 am- Check In


10:00 am- Weights Due


12:00 pm- Gilt Show Begins Followed by Barrows 

Updated Rules for the 2021 CCJLS

  • Health Papers - a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers) are required for all swine and must be issued within 72 hours of the show as well as the normal negative Pseudorabies/Brucellosis test. Please bring TWO COPIES of both your health papers and Pseudorabies/Brucellosis paperwork. You will keep one and leave one with show officials at check in. 

  • Tack and Pen Preparation - the barn will be available for move in of tack only at 4pm on Tuesday March 2.

  • Swine Entry - Check in starts on the south side parking lot. We’ll create two lines and work our way through the lines with two crews. Swine will be checked in on the trailer. Once you’re checked in, you’ll be allowed to unload. 

  • Symptomatic Animals - If an animal presents PEDv symptoms, they will be dismissed from the show and asked to leave the grounds immediately. 

  • Release - All swine will be released at the conclusion of the show and must be off the grounds that evening. 

  • Premium Sale - NO SWINE will be allowed at the premium sale. Swine exhibitors will walk through the sale ring without their animals. 


If your hog is sick, STAY HOME! We understand that this may be very disappointing, but PEDv is very serious and could be detrimental to the swine industry as a whole. 


Communication is KEY! If you are worried about having enough time to get your hogs ready, communicate that with your superintendent and volunteers and we will work with you. 


For more info from the Oklahoma Department of Ag:

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